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It all started with the races

It all started with the races and a passion for sustainable transportation. A decade ago, our founders created an electric race car team while they were still at university. Working tirelessly night and day, the team designed and produced the first prototype from scratch within 9 months.

Capture d’écran 2023-05-28 à 10.49.38.png

It continued with micro-mobility

The success in the racing world led our founders to explore new mobility solutions. They became the first to offer electric mini-4-wheelers in a sharing device, worldwide. With operations in two countries and thousands of users, the international traction was a turning point and a realization: personal and efficient mobility is an essential need that’s not being serviced.   

The prototypes

3_4 Avant_VFinal.jpg

Flying under the radar in 2022 and Q1 2023 we built the prototypes of our first two products, the MiracleONE and the MiracleTWO. Both prototypes are fully drivable on the road. The first prototype of our range extenders was also built and it helped us reach the proof of concept stage. Through the company Alpha Mobility we launched the distribution on the CH Market in 2023.

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